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What This Blog Is

Any blog is going to be colored by the person writing it, and I make no bones about my personal viewpoint.  With that said, here are my views:

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  1. Personal freedom is sacred
  2. Most voluntary interactions makes both parties better off. Government is not voluntary.
  3. People are often irrational. I know too many psychologists to claim otherwise.
    Some people use this as a justification for bigger government. But it’s the reverse. After all, if you knew 535 irrational, nepotistic, often emotional Congressmen with revisionist memories (i.e. 535 humans) were going to run our country, would you want them to have more power over your life? Or less?
  4. Market distortions have unintended consequences. These are bad.
  5. Non-Aggression PolicyAnd the two most important:
  6. We use debate to become better informed. I’ve changed my views before when they became inconsistent with the facts, and I will again. If you disagree with me, prove you’re right. I’ll keep an open mind and expect the same courtesy.
  7. As a nation, we deserve intelligent, reasoned discourse. The issues we’re dealing with are complex. We deserve facts and reason, not deranged cries from the right, or cheap propaganda from the left.

If you disagree with any of the first 5 principles, feel free to stick around. Intelligent debate is how we move our country forward.

If you disagree with the last 2, please find another blog. My time is precious, and I have no desire to waste it arguing with nutjobs who think Obama’s a Muslim terrorist or that all Republicans are either wealthy or stupid. Been there, done that.  But, if you’re looking for intelligent, reasoned consideration of the issues at hand: welcome. I’m glad you’re here.